Can you ease me?
Geplaatst door
Een gedicht met die het verhaal vertelt over een eenzaam persoon die door het leven dwaalt.
All the days seem to get me down
While life looks at me with a dissapointed frown
Leaving me with just one plea;
"I'm living to be free, can you ease me!"
There doesn't seem to be any traction
That gives me any kind of satisfaction
I'm just drowsing
Without doing those things I want to be doing
It just keeps me anticipate eagerly;
"I'm living to be free, can you ease me!"
As days gone by without implication
I'm crying for a little redemption
Why isn't there anyone who can see;
"That i'm living to be free, can you ease me!"
Can you ease me
From any meaningless vein within'
Please can you ease me
From this destructive sin
I tried many times before
But just as many times I failed
Now I'm asking you for a supportive anchor
Please can you prevent it to be sustained
By easing me from this negative chord
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